Activate customer data by using real-time insights across multiple channels

Brands are struggling to provide a frictionless, personalized experience across the customer journey at a time when loyalty is everything. This is mainly because data about your customers often resides in many different and disconnected sources.

To gain access to real-time insight and achieve a single view of each customer, Trifecta, a subscription meal service, invested in a consumer data platform (CDP). 

The Treasure Data CDP allowed Trifecta to unify data across 14 systems, analyze the customer journey and leverage multitouch attribution models. Having data all in one place in real-time, the meal subscription company can now deliver a tailored customer experience encompassing health-conscious meal plans and workout recommendations via its smart CDP.

The Trifecta team transforms data insights into actionable, tailored messaging and content, and incorporates those insights into its multi-channel marketing plan–from SEO to Facebook ads to email.

Join Trifecta’s program management lead, Kyle Pate and senior director of marketing, Nery Solano and Tom Treanor, CMO at Treasure Data, in an engaging MarTech session to learn more about this approach.

You’ll get real-world insight into how to unify customer data across multiple disconnected silos, turn data insights into a competitive advantage and understand how better data enables cultural changes around marketing.

Tune in to the session here and take the next step to power your customers’ experiences at scale across your entire organization.

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