Google Ads API v10.1 is now available

Google has released version 10.1 of the Google Ads API, the previous version 10.0 was released just under three months ago. Google Ads version 10.1 brings support for discover campaigns, campaign groups, local service campaigns and more.

What is new. Google published a detailed release notes of what is new in version 10.1 but here are the highlights it wrote in this blog post:

Old AdWords API sunset. As a reminder, the legacy Google AdWords API sunset today. You should be using the Google Ads API now and this API just gained an additional number of features.

Why we care. The Google Ads API enables advertisers to funnel their account data into other applications that they use. It also helps advertisers manage larger accounts and campaigns. Support for more of the latest Google Ads products means that API users will have more flexibility with the tool.

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