Google releases ads editor version 2.1

Yesterday Google released Ads Editor version 2.1, as seen here by Twitter user Boris Beceric.

Google confirmed the update and linked their help doc which you can review here.

Whats new. The update includes:

  • Table header recommendations
  • Primary Display Status
  • Overview recommendation cards
  • Recommendations
  • Warning dialogue for cross-account copy and paste
  • Validate aligned budget or bid strategy
  • Video-Drive conversions campaigns with shopping
  • Final URL expansion
  • Initial view on start-up
  • Global offers
  • Lead form: custom questions, age question
  • Lead form extensions at account level
  • Budget Explorer

Additionally, the “Include Display Network” option is no longer available for standard Shopping campaigns. It’s always set to “Disabled”.

Why we care. Google ads editor users now have additional options and features that were not available in version 2.0, which had been released in March and updated to support Performance Max campaigns.

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