Google Search Console testing compare feature in performance reports

Google is testing a new compare feature in the Search Console performance report. This compare feature seems to allow you to compare by query or pages across clicks, impressions and other metrics.

What it looks like. Andrew Shotland shared screenshots of this on Twitter showing how the compare feature lets you put in two parameters or strings and compare them against each other. In this example, he is comparing queries containing “new” versus queries containing “tool”.

Here is the comparison tool:

Here is the report that it generates after you apply these parameters:

Beta. This might be a beta feature because I cannot replicate this at all in any of my Search Console accounts. It is cool to see Google testing this more advanced reporting feature in Search Console and hopefully this is a sign that this is coming to more Search Console users in the near future.

Why we care. Adding more advanced reporting features that can help you analyze your site’s performance in Google Search is always useful. Being able to drill down into specific queries and compare one to another, or drill down into specific pages and compare one to another, can be super useful in debugging SEO issues.

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